Released: 09/01/14
Length: 61min. 31sec.


Starring: Helly Hellfire, Nikita Von James


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Helly and Nikita are at the dance studio to practice. Helly wears a blue leotard with off black PH, leg warmers and platform slides! Nikita wears a black leotard with tan PH, leg warmers and black pumps! The girls admire each others’ legs and PH as they stretch and pose and soon are REALLY admiring each other! Stripping Nikita’s leg warmers and heels off Helly kisses her for a bit and slips the heels back on so they can continue posing and stretching. Nikita then slips Helly’s leg warmers and heels off to kiss and caress her pretty legs as well. The girls rub their legs together and are soon kissing each others’ legs. Taking their leotards off they kiss their legs and rub their crotches together before ripping them open to lick each other and get each other off with a toy!

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