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1. How do I download a video?

When you select a video to watch you will see a link below the video. (These are MP4 files). You should be able to click the link for download but some browsers may not work properly and you may have to right click on the link first to download it. Many downloads are available free to members (650+). But DVD videos and videos over 30 mins. require credits. To purchase credits go to the "my account" link located at the top of most all the pages and you will see a button/link to click on in there. Members also get 1/2 off credit purchases. VOD users can purchase credits in the same manner.

LIMITATIONS. There are limits to what you can watch and download per day. These limits are in place to help alleviate people that use software to download large quantities of files at a time. We do not allow this. If you are caught doing this we reserve the right to block you from the site.

2. How Much Does Membership Cost?

There are a couple of options and they change periodically. See the join page for current pricing options but please note:

Premium members can watch videos free and download any videos under 30 minutes free (650+). Videos over 30 mins. and DVD videos cost a bit extra depending on the video. These are purchased with the credits which are 1/2 price for premium members. HOWEVER if you buy credits while you have a membership and the membership expires, you will still have the credits but now you will be using them up as you watch videos (appx 1 per minute) or download videos or photosets unless you rejoin (with the same account) then you will not be using any credits unless you are downloading a video 30 mins or more in length.

If you don't want to join the site we offer several pricing options with our Video On Demand/Pay Per Minute option where you simply pay for credits (the more you buy the more you save) and watch any video(s) or download Photo Gallery Zip Files until you use all of your credits. Unfortunately viewing photosets while on the site is reserved for premium members only.

Credits get used as you view videos (about 1 per minute) or download photo or video files. They do not get used by just browsing the site.

Our video Player allows you to skip to any portion of a video you want instantly! Additionally you can watch as much of a video you want and choose another one and do the same at anytime while you are on the site till your credits are used. When you need more credits just click on the my account link at the top right of the page and click on the link in there.

LIMITATIONS. There are limits to what you can watch and download per day. These limits are in place to help alleviate people that use software to download large quantities of files at a time. We do not allow this. If you are caught doing this we reserve the right to block you from the site.

3. How Often Do You Update Your Website?

As of September 2017 we are no longer updating the site regularly. We will post older videos sporadically and JB still hopes he can shoot some things here and there in 2018 but nothing is planned as of yet. We have scaled back a bit as it's gotten harder to make a living in this business quite frankly. JB has decided to make this business more of a sideline instead of his primary business and feels that there's more than enough content for first timers and rather than take the site down or make it completely VOD he will leave the membership option available to help save you money because for most people the membership option is the best deal.

4. Do Your Videos Work on a MAC?

Normally yes they do! Streaming is HTML5 based and Video downloads are MP4 files which are playable through QuickTime, iTunes (including iPod and iPhone) as well as newer versions of Windows Media Player. However we have seen issues with people not being able to downlaod some videos especially with a phone or an IPAD. This seems to be an issue with Apple not allowing you to download things unless you use their services. The best way to tell if you can it will work is to look under any video and see if there is a small link that says MP4 underneath (as a member) or the red button that says dowload for___ credits. Try clicking on that and see if it will work.

5. Are Your Videos DRM Protected Or Do We Download Them and Keep Them?

We do not use DRM, you can stream/watch all videos during the time of your membership for free or download many free (650+). Or you can use our VOD System (credits) if you do not want to join. If you use the VOD system to watch (stream) videos it uses about a credit per minute of viewing time (you can watch any portion of any video(s) if desired). You may also download videos using your credits (as well as the zipped photo sets). The credit pricing varies per video depending on the length of the video and or what it contains. Most of the DVD videos are 50 credits although some older ones or shorter ones are less. Most videos shot for the site are 20 credits on average, though some are 25-30 credits. Members can download videos under 30 mins. free but DVD videos and ones over 30 mins. require credits which are 50% off for members. There are currently 650+ videos available as free downloads to members. HOWEVER we have limits in place as to how many downloads you can do in a 24 hour period. Unfortunately this is necessary to help avoid robo downloaders and site ripping. Also note that when your membership expires and you have credits on your account you will be using those credits up as you view videos.

6. What Is The Difference Between Streaming Videos and Video Downloads?

Streaming video is the fancy name used for watching videos online. Streaming is included with your membership or by using our VOD system (credits) as a non-member. Streaming videos are not saved to your computer and can only be seen while on our website. If you prefer to save and watch the videos from your computer you can download them using credits. (members only need credits for DVD videos and videos over 30 mins.) Credits vary per video depending on length etc. (see FAQ how much does it cost to watch a video) The video download is an MP4 file that will be saved to your computer and can be accessed at anytime. The file is playable through Quicktime, iTunes, newer versions of Windows Media Player and other players.

7. Can I Pay With Paypal?

No. PayPal does not process payments for adult sites. While some sites may offer it, that is done in violation of the PayPal terms of service.

8. I Just Want To Watch A Video But I Don't Want To Join. Can I Do That?

Yes you can! Go to http://jbvideo.com/signup and select the VOD option for videos. 

9. If I Join or use the VOD system, How Will The Charge Appear On My Credit Card?

All charges from this site will discreetly appear on your credit card bill as CCBill.com *JB Promotions*

10. Do You Use Recurring Or Non-Recurring Billing?

Currently we are offering a non-recurring billing option. The VOD option is non-recurring as well. See the join page for the currently available options.

11. How Do I Cancel My Membership?

Please go to the CCBill support page here;
There are options there to cancel your account. Your password will remain active until the end of your membership term, but you will not be billed again (if you signed up for recurring billing). If you decide to rejoin in the future you can go to our login page http://jbvideo.com/login and enter your old username and you will be able to rejoin by going to your account page. If you don't remember your username and password the login page has a link for forgotten passwords on it.

12. Is My Credit Card Information Secure?

Yes 100% Secure. All of our transactions are processed by CCBill. CCBill has been processing millions of online transactions each year since 1998 using the latest encryption technology with 128-bit strong encryption. Our company has been using CCbill with no problems since 2003.

13. What Is The Best Way To Determine When My Membership Expires?

The easiest way is to refer back to the confirmation email you received from our processor, CCBill. If you don't have that, go to the CCBill support page https://support.ccbill.com/support.cgi and look up your transaction to see when you signed up. CCBill also has a 24 hour help line at: 1-888-596-9279 or 1-480-449-7751.

14. I Am From A Country Outside The U.S. I Am Having Trouble Using My Credit Card What Should I Do?

All payments are processed by CCBill. If you contact them via their website, they will be able to answer your question. Please go to the CCBill support page here;

15. Why Won't My Username and Password Work?

There are several reasons your login might not be working. If you simply forgot your username and password,go to the login page and you will see a link at the bottom for forgotten passwords (BE SURE TO USE THE EMAIL YOU SIGNED UP WITH).

OR you can contact CCBill Support and they will be able to help you. The 24 hour help line for CCBill is  1-888-596-9279 or 1-480-449-7751  Their website also has a utility for retrieving lost passwords. Please go to the CCBill support page here https://support.ccbill.com/support.cgi

If you KNOW your username and password but it's not working for some reason, please contact support@jbvideo.com  and include your first and last name along with the username and password you're trying to use. If you don't include your first and last name and the username and password you are trying to use, we will email you back to ask you for it ... so you can save time and just send it to us in the first place.

If you are getting an error message that says "403 Forbidden - you do not have permission to access on this server ...." (or something like that) then you'll need to email us at support@jbvideo.com and let us know. Please include your IP address as well so we can see why you are getting the forbidden error. If you don't know your IP address, you can find it on this website http://www.whatismyip.com/

When Attempting To Login, If you Received a Message Saying That too many people have logged on with your account.
  Most likely you have logged in from more than one browser or machine within a two hour period. It is also possible that your browser crashed and wiped out our security cookie. If that occurs, please let us know and we can work with you to correct the problem. Email us at support@jbvideo.com or call us, Our hours are Mon-Fri 9Am-2PM PST. 1-818-998-1890 or 1-800-776-7705.

16. What If I Have Problems With This Website Or Viewing/Downloading

In the unlikely event that you do experience difficulty with this site please email us at support@jbvideo.com or give us a call at 1-800-776-7705 or 1-818-998-1890 during our regular business hours of 9-2PM Mon-Fri Pacific time. When you email regarding a problem you may be experiencing, please include the following information:

1.Web browser type and version,

2.Internet connection type (cable/dsl,etc)

3.Operating system (Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, MAC OS or mobile device)

4.A specific and clear description of the problem you are having or any error message you may receive.

 We will assist you as quickly as possible. If you like, you may include a phone number and we will be happy to troubleshoot your issue by phone.

17. How Do I Find A Video or Model?

The site automatically displays videos and photo sets by the most recent updates and chronologically sorts them that way back to the earliest ones available. You can find a video or photoset by using the search located at the top of the pages or using the categories and other search functions on the right side of most pages. When doing a search you may want to be more vague than specific, for example if you want "black seamless pantyhose" just type "seamless" instead. This will also depend on how the each description is written so you may have to try other words like black pumps instead of black high heels or black stilettos.

You can also try clicking on the MODELS button for an alphabetical listing of your favorite models. When clicking on any models' page you will see any photosets or videos that she has on the site and click on those pics or videos. There are also "tags" located to the right of every video and photo set. Clicking on them will bring up all other videos or photosets that have the same tag like "blonde" or "black stockings" for example.

18. Do You Accept Customer Input?

Yes we do. The more feedback we get, the more we can customize our products.... and the better our website will be. Send your comments and suggestions, likes and dislikes to support@jbvideo.com

19. Will I Be Placed On Any Mailing List?

No. You are not placed on any mailing lists whatsoever unless you choose to do so on any links that may be available on this site or our DVD catalog site.

20. Do You Rent, Sell, Or Distribute Your Customer Information?

No. We never give out information about our customers. We respect your right to privacy and strive to maintain your confidence. Any information you enter on our website is confidential.

21. How Do I Contact My Favorite Model?

We protect our models' privacy and do not disclose their personal information. If any models do have fanclubs or websites we will post that info whenever possible.

22. Why Do you Charge Extra To Download Your DVDs?

While we do have over 650 web updates that are downloadable free to members, JB doesn't want to allow free downloads of the DVD videos at this time. It is very costly to make this content and he feels that the small amount we charge for the downloads is very reasonable. It costs much less to download them than to buy an actual DVD and pay for shipping. Plus Don't forget that you can stream the DVD's for free as a member while you are on the site so it really is reasonable. Because of the nature of this system videos over 30 minutes are included in this category.

Plus JB is astonished that so many sites offer so much content free or have multiple sites for 1 low price. This all started a few years back and we are now in 2016 starting to see the fallout from it. This is why you are seeing so many companies closing and going out of business. The little guys can't compete with the mega sites owned by big corporations. Please keep this in mind. There's no way to produce quality content without time and expense, the models certainly don't work for free! Whether you join this website or not PLEASE do join whatever website you DO like at least occasionallyas it will help all of us stay in business. If things continue the way they have been there won't be very many companies left and you will have to view old rehashed content or whatever the big companies are choosing to produce.



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