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The video player on this site uses an HTML5 based streaming system that starts playing immediately when selected. You can also resize it and jump to any part of a video while it plays.


Videos can be viewed by joining or by using our VOD system. VOD users can stream or download videos using the credits they buy. These credits get used as you stream videos (appx 1 per minute) or download but not when you are viewing the sites' pages. Photosets are downloadable for 25 credits but viewing more than the first several photos of a set is reserved for members.


Members can stream all videos, view and download picture sets and download videos under 30 mins. Free (over 650). DVD videos and videos over 30 mins require credits which can be purchased from the "my account link" at the top of the members pages. Members also get 1/2 off the regular price of credits. Credits per video vary depending on content and length, DVD videos are generally about 50 credits.


LIMITATIONS. There are limits to what you can watch and download per day. These limits are in place to help alleviate people that use software to download large quantities of files at a time. We do not allow this. If you are caught doing this your account may be suspended for 24 hours. We also reserve the right to block you from the site. Note that most users should not have an issue with this at all


Site Layout


We have tried to make the layout of the site as easy and user friendly as possible and we hope that your experience is enjoyable here. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let us know.


The site automatically displays videos and photo sets by the most recent updates and chronologically sorts them that way back to the earliest ones available. You can find a video or photoset by using the search located at the top of the pages or using the categories and other search functions on the right side of the page. You can also try clicking on the MODELS button for an alphabetical listing of your favorite models. By clicking on any models page you will see all photosets or videos that she has on the site and click on those pics or videos.




On any given video or photo set page you will notice clickable tags to the right of each one that references the content you are seeing ie: blonde, busty, black stockings, etc. If you click on one of those tags you will then see all other content that fits that description as well!




You also have the ability to select and manage your favorite photos and videos to view in your favorites or account area as a member or when you purchase credits.




Throughout the site you will see abbreviations. Here is a codekey to them from our perspective. Some may argue certain points with them but for our purposes this is to be used as a guideline.


FF = Full fashioned stockings also known as old fashioned, nylon stockings, vintage stockings etc. These are easily distinguished by their (usually) square heel and seam up the back as well as a "keyhole" at the top of the stocking. We also usually group what is known as the cuban heeled stocking in this category as well other variations of this style.


RHT = Reinforced Heel and Toe stockings. These have a toe and heel reinforcement as their name implies.


PH = Pantyhose (or tights as they are called in some parts of the world).


STW = Sheer to waist This style of pantyhose has no reinforcement or lines between the leg and panty area of the pantyhose therefore making it a "sheer to waist" design. Some styles we use will have a cotton panel or not and some may also have a reinforcment around the crotch area or cotton panel that connects to the waistband.


CONTROL TOP = This style of pantyhose has a reinforced or darker panty area. Some may have a cotton panel or gusset and some may not. Additionally some may have a lighter look to the darker panty area than others do.


COTTON PANEL = Also known as a gusset. Refers to the material made of or surrounding the crotch on some styles of pantyhose. Some of the styles we use are actually a cotton panel and some are really just a sheer reinforced nylon area. Some also can be smaller or larger than others.


POV = Videos shot mostly or entirely from your point of view.

FJ = Footjob

HJ = Handjob

BJ = Blowjob


The Content


The videos and pictures on this site are exclusive to this site and are from our 28 plus years of producing leg fetish videos and DVD's. There is a mixture of older and newer videos from our DVD library of over 900 titles, as well as almost all of the DVD Preview videos (appx 600) from our old website.


There are also over 1200 exclusive webclips shot for the website only. These webclips are the format we are working towards most at this time as we transition from a DVD company to an all web based company. The clips shot for the site range from 5-30 minutes and sometimes more but most are on average about 20 minutes.


Please be patient if you are a longtime fan and want to see a certain DVD video on the site. We are still adding videos to the site as well as updates and it may take some time before all the videos are posted, in fact certain older videos may not be put up at all. If you feel a certain one should be bumped up in line sooner feel free to let us know.


HD Content


We started shooting in HD a few years ago so most newer content is shot in HD.



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