Released: 07/10/11
Length: 53min. 42sec.


Starring: Nicole Sheridan


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Nicole Sheridan comes home from PH shopping in a short skirt and shiny brown PH (with no panties) with black heels! She has her man kiss and caress her legs before taking off her PH to put them on his face! Next she tries on black seamless Wolford PH (with no panties) and continues teasing him as he plays with her and gives her head thru the PH! She tries on another dress and teases him a bit before taking off his pants to slide her PH feet and legs on his cock nice and slow! She straddles his face and he kisses her pussy thru the hose then she slides some PH over his cock and strokes and sucks it while they 69! Next she tries on super shiny suntan STW PH with the cotton panel cut out! She teases him some more then he starts to fuck her nice and slow for a while before she straddles him and rides him nice and long till and does her from behind standing up to shoot all over her PH ass!

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