Released: 11/09/04
Length: 46min. 15sec.


Starring: Teanna Kai


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Sexy Teanna Kai wears a little skirt with shiny suntan PH and white/clear slides! A shoe salesman comes to her house and it doesn't take long for her to tease him with her cute size 5's! He helps her try on a white ankle strap heel and soon she has him kissing her feet and legs.  Sitting back she puts one foot in his lap and rubs at his crotch as he kisses the other foot and sucks her French tipped toes.  Next she strips him down and gives him a blow job before getting him on the floor to stick her toes in his mouth and stroke his cock! Taking off the skirt they get in a 69 and he gives her head thru her sheer PH while she sucks and strokes him. Back on the couch she pulls her boobs out and talks dirty to him as he rips open her crotch to eat her.  Next he rips her toes out of her PH to suck on them for a bit and give her head some more. Taking the PH off she tries on a black garter with black RHT stockings! Sitting back she rubs her feet on his face before sucking him some more and giving him a foot job and blow job and even teases him with slapping his cock on her pussy but denies him! Then she goes back to stroking, sucking, and foot jobbing him till he cums all over her hand and foot.

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