Released: 09/07/12
Length: 59min. 13sec.


Starring: JB, Brandy, Jessica Dee, Justine Romee


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Hot blonde Jessica Dee starts this one out in nothing but a black garter with brown FF stockings with black seams and black platforms. She shows her red toenails and cute size 6's then invites JB in to kiss her legs and feet! Soon she's stroking him with her heels on for a bit then slipping them off she continues stroking him with her pretty feet in a couple positions till he cums so hard it lands on her tummy!
Next up is Justine Romee in sheer black RHT stockings and black pumps. She teases and talks to the camera and slips off her heels to point her toes at the camera showing off her dark toenails and pretty size 7's. Next we see her in a black corset with her nylons teasing JB and having him kiss her feet, legs and panties. JB gives her head as she sucks her toes then she rubs her feet on his face and digs her toes in his mouth as he fucks her! After awhile she jacks him with her feet and he comes all over the top of them.
Next is Brandy in a black dress with black RHT stocking and open toe high heels. She bends over for a bit and takes off her dress to reveal her hot body as JB kisses her legs. Soon Brandi's stroking him with her pretty size 6's in a couple of positions then uses her hand to jack him onto the top of her foot!
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