Released: 06/24/02
Length: 45min. 39sec.


Starring: Cory Lane


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We see lovely Ms. Lane in her business skirt suit, shiny suntan PH and high black heels She stands over the camera giving peeks at her cotton panel and thong under her nylons as she poses her pretty legs nice and slow. Sitting down she crosses and uncrosses her legs and stretches them at the camera giving nice views up her skirt. Removing her jacket she reveals a lacy top then slips off her shoes to stretch her legs and feet at the camera long and slow. Taking off her glasses and letting her hair down, she continues stretching, posing and bending over nice and slow with great views of her PH, ass, legs and feet! Standing up she takes off the skirt and begins bending and stretching like a gymnast. On the floor, she continues her stretching in her lace top PH and thong panties long and slow. Great views of leg lifts, legs in the air, spreading and stretching till the end.

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